Email Update 3 – 21 Mar 2020

Kia ora Church,
Well, we are now less than 24hrs away from Live Streaming our services for the very first time
here at Hope! Along with the rest of the pastoral team, I am really looking forward to this new
opportunity, and although it will feel a little different we’re still going to sing, pray, hear the word
and interact with each other as we lean in and hear what God is going to say to us.
There are a couple of things that I want to make you aware of before Sunday morning:
1. Here is the link to our new webpage. Click on this link, and although you only see a live feed
of Taylors Mistake at the moment – come tomorrow morning it will have Hope at Home live
stream. Just refresh your page at the time and you’llsee yoursite pastorssmiling face welcoming
you to church. Here’s the link and feel free to click on it any
2. A reminder that services start at 9am for Hornby. 10am for West Melton. 11am for
Rolleston. 6pm for Evening Service.
3. If you would prefer to view the live stream on YouTube – then there is a link at the bottom of
our webpage. Again just select the service you want and you’re away.
4. KIDS – we have not forgotten about you!! And although we can’t come to your house and run
a program, there will be some activities posted on the same webpage that you can download.
5. Need Help?? Can give Help?? There are 2 button on our
webpage where you can ask for help, or you can give
help. If you are unable to get out and need some medication picked up or groceries picked up
etc – then let us know by clicking on the button and filling in the form – we’d love to help. If you
can give help, then register what you can bring to the table and we’ll be in touch.
6. Giving – we recognise that we all give in a variety of ways. For 2/3’s of us we give by electronic
means, but for those of who still use the envelopes then can I encourage you to drop that in to
the Hornby office on Monday morning (stay for a coffee if you’d like) or connect with your site
pastor about a more convenient location. We also recognise that during this uncertain time your
financial situation might change because of work etc. If you’d like support, then please get in
touch with your site pastor or reach out via the above website. Do not do this season alone
7. We’re going to have all our social media, email and text channels open during each live stream
service – so we’d love to hear from you!! Let us know who you’ve got in your house, how it’s
going for you and how you’re finding the new live stream experience. We’ve got a team ready
to respond during each service so let us know you’re out there!!
Well church – I think that’s about it. As you get ready for Sunday Hope at Home can I encourage
you to do 2 things – lean in and don’t just sit back but prepare yourself as you would for normal
church. When your pastor asks you to pray, join with them in prayer. When there is worship,
why don’t you join in. When the preacher says something good – tell them!! Lean in and get the
most out of the experience. And secondly, who can you join with tomorrow in their home so
that you can do church together? Contact your growth group leader, another family, friend and
go round to their house and have church together. If you would like a place to go, then have a
look at the list below – these homes are open to anyone who would like to come round. Give
them a ring or text before hand – but their doors are open to you!!
(Spreydon) Caleb and Ruth Vercoe –
(Hornby) Charlotte and Ewen Cameron –
(Springston) Lionel and Amanda Graves –
(Halswell) Graham and Susan Gaiger –
(Prebbleton) Dave and Marleen Rentoul –
Thanks Church – may you know the grace, peace and goodness of God in this season of our
lives. Tomorrow during church may you hear the whisper of the Spirit speaking, the
encouragement of a word given, the joy of joining with others and the pleasure of doing it all
from your favourite chair!!
God bless you church – see you tomorrow morning!!
(on behalf of the Hope CLT)

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