Email Update 4 – 23 Mar 2020

WOW – how things move so quickly in this current climate of COVID-19!!
Firstly, thanks so much for tuning into to our first ever live streamed service. We really value the
time that people have taken to give a message of encouragement and people saying thanks. It
provides a much-needed lift to all those working hard behind the scenes to know that this is
making a big difference.
Secondly, no doubt you would have heard today at 1:50pm Jacinda Adern announced that New
Zealand will be shifting gear from Level 2 to Level 3 in response in our fight against COVID-19 and
then to Level 4 within 48 hours restricting us all to our homes except for essential services.
We realise that for many of us we this will be creating a sense of fear and uncertainty. Our desire
as a church is that we will journey ‘together’ with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ during this
time. We want to keep connected with you during this season and so are working on innovative
ways in which we can do this. As per last Sunday we will continue to live stream our services this
coming weekend (9am Hornby, 10am West Melton, 11am Rolleston) although it will look a
little different to what we had – it will allow us to connect and that’s what is most important at
this time!!
Our aim is to continue to keep pastorally caring for you as well as growing in our faith together
and we’re working on ways in which we can do this.
As a result of the recent announcement, we will be putting a hold on all ministries. We will be
asking growth groups to keep in contact via other means, but please refrain from meeting in
homes. We will continue to be pushing into Hope @ Home where you can gather with the people
at your place, and we will be presenting daily devotionals live via YouTube at 10am every day –
click and bookmark it so that you can connect with us not just on Sundays…but everyday during
the week as well. To be taken to our channel click here – YouTube Channel
We care for you and are standing with you during this unprecedented time here in New Zealand
history. May the God that we serve, the God that we follow, the God who is un-shakable, unchanging, un-wavering, un-flustered and completely sovereign – may His presence sit with you
in BUCKET loads in the days and weeks ahead.
God Bless You and we’ll continue to be in touch.
(On behalf of Dennis and the CLT)

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