Email Update 5 – 27 Mar 2020

Kia Ora,
There has been a call for our church, Hope Presbyterian – to get ready. This has sometimes been a little hard
to articulate because the resounding question has been “what for?” As I reflect on this statement there are
two things that jump out to me. Firstly the opposite of faith is not unbelief, the opposite of faith is knowing. If
we knew what we were getting ready for, I wonder if that would have built or depleted our faith? And
secondly, I wonder if this lock down that we are in with the social and economic climate we find ourselves a
part of and the position of the church – are the very thing that God was saying get ready for?
All I know is that ‘coincidence’ is not a word that God uses. In reference to prayer, an Archbishop once
observed “It’s amazing how many coincidences occur when one begins to pray.” Coincidence is not is God’s
wheel house – faith, perfect timing, and provision are.
So, how are you? How is day 2-3 of lock down going for you?
A couple of things that we wanted touch base with you on.
1. We’re going to send out a weekly email update (just like this one) every Friday so that you know what is
happening and to touch base with you.
2. 10am every day (except Sunday) we’re having a Daily Injection of Hope from one of the pastoral team. See
it on our YouTube channel at 10am every day.
3. Our Youth Team are doing something similar at 1pm every day on Facebook
4. At 7pm every night, before your kids go to bed – check out scripture from kids also on our YouTube
channel. It’s a 1min read of scripture by kids to your kids.
We want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to help stay connected to you through this
season. So if you’re needing some human connection outside of the people in your ‘bubble’ then please reach
out to your Growth Group leader, your ministry leader or your site pastor via email or phone. They are
standing by to take your call!! (It’s like the old telethon days!!) Seriously though – would love to connect with
THIS SUNDAY – Well although we thought last Sunday felt different , this Sunday will look even more
different!! Our pastoral team and tech teams have been working flat out to bring you Hope at Home – literally
coming from our home to your home 🙂 The times are still the same, our viewing platform is still the same, it’s
just that we’ll be doing it from home in a more raw and ‘grassroots’ fashion rather than from our Hornby
site. So – see the times below and log onto the service that you want to be part of….or like lots of people did –
watch all of them!!
9am – Hornby
10am – West Melton
11am – Rolleston
6pm – Evening
All viewable by going to our WebPage where you can view the content or pop
over to YouTube. And while you’re there, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you get a
notification telling you when a new video is posted. Subscribing and liking our YouTube channel helps us with
the reach of the content – so let’s share the goodness!
Well church – we love you and are standing with you during this time of COVID-19 crisis. Stay safe, stay
connected, stay home and know that the God who you follow is before you, and beside you, and behind you,
and below you, and above you – know that and let Him bring you peace.
God bless you all

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