Email Update 6 – 02 Apr 2020

Hi All

I can only imagine how you are surviving the shut in.  If you have kids under 10 I think you deserve a medal.

I have noticed that when every day is a housebound day, the days meld into one another and it can become monotonous.  I have discovered a couple of things that work for me, mind you I haven’t got the young kids around.

1. Build a routine to accommodate your disciplines.  At the start you needed a break and had a couple of days off.  But you can’t live there.  Create routines in the new space.  At the end of the day you will feel good by accomplishing something.  Little by little, over time you will accomplish a lot.  Routine turns a discipline into a habit.

2. Make a sabbatical day.  When all the days meld together, make one day special.  Break the usual routines, give your body and mind a break.  Make it a special day for the family.  Give yourself particularly for them.  Make it an excuse for a celebration.  My daughter comes out of Isolation on Saturday.  Guess what?  We are going to have a “no-more-isolation” party.  In doing Sabbath, you are aligning yourself to a principal embedded in nature.  Jesus said, “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.  Usually it’s a Sunday.  If it’s a Sunday, or whatever day it is, don’t cheat and make it like all the other days; you’ll cheat yourself.

I think it was Abraham Herschel, a famous modern Jewish Rabbi that said, “the Sabbath is a temple in time.”  It will be good for your mental health.  Particularly, if you give some space to God.  Making a day special will become like a clock chime that will give meaning to the other days.

God bless





Our pastoral team and tech teams have been working flat out to bring you Hope at Home – literally coming from our home to your home 🙂  This week as with last week our viewing platform for our Sunday services is

So – see the times below and log onto the service that you want to be part of….or like others have done – watch all of them!!

9am – Hornby
10am – West Melton
11am – Rolleston
6pm – Evening

All viewable by going to our WebPage where you can view the content or pop over to YouTube.  And while you’re there, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you get a notification telling you when a new video is posted.  Subscribing and liking our YouTube channel helps us with the reach of the content – so let’s share the goodness!



10am every day (except Sunday) we’re having a Daily Injection of Hope from one of the pastoral team.  See it on our YouTube channel at 10am every day.Our Youth Team are doing something similar at 1pm every day on FacebookAt 7pm every night, before your kids go to bed – check out scripture from kids also on our YouTube channel.  It’s a 1min read of scripture by kids to your kids.



Click here to go to our giving page where you can give your regular tithe or donate to Hope’s COVID-19 Response Fund.


We have put together a resource for families to be able to do together at home in place of the Passover Meal we originally had scheduled. Passover is typically Maundy Thurs, the 9th April here, but the actual date doesn’t even matter! It’s a way of families engaging with the ‘big picture’ story of the Israelites, and some of the symbolism of Jesus being the Lamb of God etc, as well as explaining a wee bit of background around the Lord’s supper.If you would like to have a look at this resource and see if it is something you would like to do as a family please click the following link

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